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Our Services

Steel reinforcing detection

Structural steel mark out

We can locate steel reinforcing, rebar and post-tension cables, as well as determine concrete cover over steel. The locations can be marked out directly onto the concrete surface in preparation for drilling/cutting or digitally mapped for future reference.

Utility mapping

Locate utilities and conduits

We can locate utilities and conduits including: water pipes, air-filled pipes, plastic conduits, underfloor heating and many others. 

Concrete thickness

Measure concrete thickness

We can determine the concrete thickness and identify localised thickenings such as concrete beams and pile caps

Identify concrete voids

Identify voids and concrete deformities

We can identify voids within concrete structures as well as below concrete slabs and asphalt surfaces. We can also detect concrete deformities such as honeycombing.

Concrete drilling and coring

Concrete drilling and coring

We offer a selection of concrete drilling and coring services, including remediation of holes where required. We can also undertake coring or test pits to determine asphalt thickness.

Concrete camera inspections

Camera inspections

We can undertake visual inspections using our specialised side-facing cameras, to image behind or under concrete structures. This can be undertaken in existing holes or we can drill small (14 mm) holes to investigate. 

Other services

As well as our concrete scanning, drilling and inspection services, Southern Geophysical offer a comprehensive range of geophysical, NDT and reporting services. Check out our main website for more information.